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tv   FOX and Friends First  FOX News  April 4, 2012 5:00am-6:00am EDT

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>> my god. hope nobody get hurts. my god. i got to run. get to run. my god. oh my god. look at that. >> you can imagine that man not the only one completely step anied bit ordeal. >> i was not house. it just sounded like a whole lot of big crackling noise. next thing i know we opened the door and it was disaster. amazing we are living. terrible. >> went to the closet with my animals. undescribable. undescribable. >> incredibly mob was killed in the storms but we are told at least ten people were injured but not serious limit officials estimated 650 houses were destroyed. that number could go up as they go identity and check the damage
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later this morning. we will be sure to keep you posted. >> so scary. >> also, the threat of severe weather is not over yet. maria is standing by. >> good morning, good to see you. we have another round of severe storms possible later today into tomorrow, so, still, two more day for the same slow moving storm system that brought severe weather across texas and dallas area. we had tornadoes touching down there and most tornadoes reported across northeast texas. 18 were reported. overall 200 reports of severe weather including large-sized-hailed. during the month of april it is typical to see severe outbreaks in texas, and oklahoma, and tornado alley and louisiana and arkansas, so it brought severe storms across areas we typically see severe weather if april.
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we are headed into the height of severe weather season, april, may, june when we see more severe storms in the springtime months. we will continue to track the storms. we will continue to see that risk for severe weather. otherwise we have a lynn of storms to the east across parts of louisiana with heavy rain, a lot of light next with the thunderstorms, and that is another concern and flash flooding is an issue. heavy rain, quickly, and we have two severe thunderstorm warnings in louisiana and you can see the damaging wind from the storms. the severe weather risk will include kentucky and through alabama and mississippi and louisiana and bigger cities including nashville and new orleans and jackson and memphis and another area in north carolina and southeast virginia, raleigh and norfolk are included and tomorrow the storm system slowly push eastward so new orleans is under the gun for possible severe storms and,
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also, areas to the east like tallahassee in northern florida. gives? >> thank you, maria. now to the latest in the race for the 2012 g.o.p. nomination. romney winning all they of the primary elections. the first results for washington, dc, romney won with 3,122 votes. ron paul had 535, and newt gingrich 477. in maryland romney, 160,000, and santorum 68,000. and newt gingrich 25,000. and wisconsin, 375, 040, and rick santorum 270,000, and newt gingrich 43,000. >> can you give us those numbers again? >> we got very specific. >> and now the latest delegate count. after the primaries in washington, dc, maryland, and
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wisconsin, romney picked up a total of 83 delegates. santorum got at least six. newt gingrich, ron paul, they did not get any delegates and this are three delegates that have not been allocated. now, to total delegate counts, the magic number to secure the nomination is 1,144. got that? got that? romney is now at 655. 400 ahead of santorum in second place and 278. and newt gingrich is 135 and ron paul is 51. >> for more on primary sweep we go to washington. doug? still trying to dot math. romney did what he needed to do winning three contests and picked up a pile of new delegates and he celebrated last night in wisconsin which was the most closely watched of the throw races and the one with the narrowest margin but he edged
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out rick santorum and he is locking ahead to the next group of contests in three weeks. >> tonight i am asking the good people of pennsylvania, new york, rhode island, delaware, and connecticut, to gin me. gin me. in the next step toward that destination of november 6 when across america we can give a sigh of relief and no the promise of america has been kept. >> delegate mat is more come elected new for rick santorum because he was in his home state of pennsylvania last note where he does lead not polls but the gap is narrowing. >> ladies and gentleman, pennsylvania and pass the other people in the country have yet to be heard and we will go out and campaign here and across this nation to make sure that their voices are heard in the next primary. >> but the harsh reality for
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santorum and newt gingrich and ron paul for that matter is that romney picked up more than 80 delegates last night putting him well over halfway to the nomination and romney travels to washington, dc for a speech and back to the campaign trail, in pennsylvania. so, that the latest here at six minutes past the hour. >> thank you, doug. family and friends gathered to remember those who died on monday at oikos university in oakland, california as we look at the man who killed seven and wounding three others. the 43-year-old was troubled, actionry, facing deep financial problems, and goh, a former nursing student at the university, had been planning the attack for weeks. authorities say he order people into a class to line up and began shooting and targeting female school administration but she was not on campus. he dropped out of school after
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fight with administration over too wig. goh will cooperate with authorities, though, but still will not say where he put the gun he used. goh says classmates teased him about his age and broken english and will be arraigned, today. >> delta four rocket blasted into space and is carrying a satellite but everyone is keeping quiet about it. analysts believe it is capable of seeing at night and through bad weather. this is the first of five national security space missions that will be launched the next four months. >> a special prosecutor will take over the 2008 presidential election fraud case in indiana. this is wild. the prosecutor withdrew from the case, four democratic officials and party operatives have charged faking voter names and signatures to get president obama and hillary clinton on the
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ballot. he was on a petition and could be called. >> a new batch of counterfeit drugs were found in the united states, the fake cancer drug is packaged in boxes labelinged with the brand name in turkey for avastin. health folks say this batch was from a different network so doctors should not use unapproved drugs. >> former vice president cheney is out of hospital after receiving a heart trance laboratory. this is the former superintendent with his wife, lynne cheney, after being released from. hospital in northern virginia. he had the transplant march 24, and 71, with five heart attacks and heart procedures over the last several years and waited 20 months for the heart trance laboratory. >> my dad has a heart transplant in november. those were the "five at five,"
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headlines. >> a firm appeals court hit back hard against president obama yesterday after he claims it would be unprecedented if the supreme court overturned obamacare. the chief washington correspondent is like in washington now with more on this story getting a lot of controversy. james? >> what was a president of the united states warning about possible overreach by the highest court turned into a case where a drug warned the president about overstepping his own boundaries in the delicate separation of powers. this arose on monday when president obama during a news conference with the leaders of canada and mexico and the white house spoke of what he thought the justices on the supreme court should "understand." as they weigh the constitutionality of his signature health care law. >> for years we her the biggest problem on the bench was judicial activism or a lack of judicial restraint.
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unelected group of people who somehow overturn a duly constituted and passed law. well, this is a good example. >> president obama is a former constitutional law professor and this instruct observers as a veiled threat. that included jerry smith of the 5th circuit court of appeals appointee of president obama yesterday the judge heard oral arguments in a court in houston, texas, in a separate challenge and stunned the justice department lawyer who was appearing before him by demanding to have on his deck by thursday a three-page letter from department of justice stating the views of the attorney general what the president said. >> i am referring to statements bit president in the past few
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days, i am sure you heard, it is inappropriate for what he temperatured "unelected judges," to strike acts of congress that have enjoyed and he was resting to obamacare, to what he termed broad consensus of majorities in both houses of congress and that has troubled a number people reading that as a challenge to the federal courts or to their authority or to the appropriate if of the concept of judicial review. that is not a small party matter. >> president softened his tomorrow somewhat noting that the supreme court "is the final say," on our constitution and our laws and all of us have to respect it. the supreme court expected to issue its ruling on the health care law by the end of downand we suspectly hope that your father is fully recovered. >> doing very well. >> thank you for that.
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>> and now, take a listen to brit hume and greta what they thing about the comments. >> i'm not sure this judge should have done it. it is a stunt, but i do think the president has endangered something about the public's imagination. this is a former law professor, a constitutional lawyer who gave himself to the public as a man of a certain level of dignity and a certain level of decorum. he has taken on the supreme court publicly more than once. yesterday, for him to misstate the fact about judicial review. >> i was more concerned he doesn't know. >> of course he knows. i am not a lawyer and i know. >> today he could have fixed it and he didn't fix it. >> he walked back if court by saying he meant specifically this would be unprecedented since the new deal to overturn a
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law. that could be true. >> what was more unusual, today, is today is what he said that in the event the mandate is stricken a lot of people will suffer. that again is a misreading of the supreme court's obligation. >> do you get the feeling they are not too thrilled with the president's comments? >> the story obviously is going to develop over the day so keep to develop over the day so keep it right here on fox. 14 clubs. that's what they tell us a legal golf bag can hold. and while that leaves a little room for balls and tees, it doesn't leave room for much else.
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>> it is 17 minutes after the
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hour and while you were sleeping an intense scene at a college in california. police had to pepper spray students. 100 students were profiting the rising cost of classes. they were trying to storm a meeting of the college board of trustees and they backed police into a wall. and baylor women's best team made history. they won the nca amount tournament the first ever to go 40-0. >> now stories you can bank on. the unveiling of a new car which does better than karma. and now, lauren from fox business network. what was karma? >>guest: 102,000 car that did not impress anyone and now a hot
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car, like a four door ferrari. we think about $57,000. with production delayed but we are waiting for the market. it could be hot. >> and delta, they have cheap fares. >>guest: this is bake committee, more basic than regular committee, the difference between economy and bake, but with flights so full you will get the seat assignment at the airport so you could be in the middle place. can you not containing the ticket so people may not like it. >> newspapers are doing the online thing and? >>guest: 300 newspapers charge for online access whether you get it on the computer or phone but lots of them are easing you in. we will give you a couple of articles for free and you pay up. people are doing this, and
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starting this month "new york times" is reducing the number of free articles, it was 20 and now down to ten. and then you pay. >> nothing free in life. >> the team is 19 minutes past the hour. continuing coverage of the texas twisters. a travel nightmare in store today. and reporters put the president's people on-the-spot. and more on gas prices and before break a look at the prices at pump. national average is $3.93 a gallon
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>> and now the ahead of the house transportation competent demanding a hearing offer the gsa $820,000 taxpayer spending spree. they attended a conference fear las vegas and spoiled themselves rotten with mind readers and clowns and lavish dinners. and there was a luxury ring that was cracked, moments away from being shipped from las vegas to asia when inspecters ran in and picked up a g.p.s. signal given off by a ferraris that was stolen. >> this year's tax deadline is localing but there is still a little time left to get the most for your money and as fox security reporter tells us you
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>> the time is now 26 minutes after the hour and we will cover the breaking news in texas with tornadoes tearing homing down, and travel nightmare in store later today and we have a live report after the break. >> remember the mcdonald's employee would claimed to win the mega millions jackpot but could not show anyone the ticket? she is about to reveal her secret. >> announcer: meet mary. she loves to shop online with her debit card, and so does bill, an identity thief who stole mary's identity, took over her bank accounts and stole her hard-earned money. now meet jack. enough to enjoy retirement.saved angie, the waitress at jack's favorite diner, is also enjoying his retirement. with just a little information, she's opened up a credit line,
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>> welcome back to "fox & friends first" at 29 minutes after the hour. and now to our continuing team coverage of the twister that tore through texas. >> hundreds of homes reduced to rubble and thousands without
5:30 am
power and now to our chief meteorologist in dallas this morning. rick you go to the stories and they are never a nice story to tell. rick: you are right. and sometimes they are hard to get to. in this case dallas-ft. worth airport yesterday most of the flights were canceled because the planes on the ground the storm was so close to it the hail core of the storm dropped the hail on the airport so 110 planes success established some kind of damage from the hail and they have to inspect the planes but because they were there other planes could not get in and the plane could not go out so major traffic problems across a lot of the country because of that and a number storms that moved through dallas-ft. worth yesterday. dropping probably around 12 tornadoes. the final numbers are not owe yet and cutting to the west of dallas or in between dallas-ft. worth and eat of dallas is a lot of places sustaining damage like this.
5:31 am
right here is the garage of two homes and the garage is collapsed and you hear us say, get to the most interior point in your room, as many walls between you and the tornado if possible and which is why, the outer walls crash in, and the roof torn on and rubble all over the we are at around 4:30 not morning here in dallas, and just saw them working on electric lens so they are working overnight, and 45,000 people at this point still without power, and 650 homes in the area sustaining some kind of damage, some of the numbers, also, including things like a nursing home, and a number schools. so a lot of people in the dallas area have a rough time of it and a big clean up met on their hands today. >> guys in. >> what a mess. >> and the threat for more severe storms will continue today, so we will check in with maria, she is like for us in the fox news weather center. >> those images rick brought
5:32 am
from dallas area are the reason why we need to have a plan ready for once the tornado warnings are issued. that illustrates the reason we need a plan to be ready and today we will see another risk for severe storms in the south account reason tore that is because it is so warm out there. we are seeing current temperatures in the 60's and 66 in montgomery, alabama, and 66 in nashville. that will fuel the thunderstorms right now and, also, later this afternoons into the evening. though severe weather risk in kentucky and tennessee and alabama and mississippi and louisiana and right now we have storms across parts of louisiana bringing in heavy rain, so aside from severe weather like large hail and damaging wind gusts you have a concern of flash flooding and dangerous lightning, and the second area we will watch as far as severe weather is southeast part of virginia including city of increase folk and northeast parts of north carolina
5:33 am
including raleigh, with big cities under the gun today for the possibility of see severe storms we don't think we have a big tornado risk in virginia and north carolina but more a concern from kentucky to louisiana but, of course, still, alert because we did not have a big chance yesterday. it just takes one tornado to cause incredible images. you can see the line of storms across louisiana bying in heavy rain that is shaded in red and yellow. there are storm stings early this morning bringing in severe thunderstorm warning across southern louisiana in the southeast of the city of new orleans and tomorrow, many storm systems and we have a risk for more severe weather in new orleans and to the east across tallahassee with large hail, damaging gusts and, again, isolated tornadoes possible. >> thank you, maria. call your airlines if you are traveling. >> now to the latest in the race
5:34 am
for the 2012 g.o.p. nomination. romney winning all throw of yesterday's primary elections. the first results for washington, dc, romney won with 70 percent of vote, and ron paul came to second, and newt gingrich 11 percent, and rick santorum was not on the ballot, and now moving over to maryland, romney at 49 percent, santorum in second with 29 percent, and newt gingrich at 11 percent, in wisconsin romney got 43 percent of the vote and rick santorum got 38 percent, and trailing in third, ron paul, 12 percent. and now a look at the delegate count, romney scoring 83 delegates and rick santorum picking up six more, and newt gingrich and ron paul coming up empty. there are still three delegates that have not been allocated, so here are the totals, a candidate needs 1,144 to secure the nomination and romney expanded the lead and now has 655, 400 ahead of rick santorum, who is still in second with 278. newt gingrich is in third with
5:35 am
135 and ron paul has 51. for more on romney's primary sweep we head to washington, dc, where doug has a closer look. >> thank you, three races. three wings. for romney. last night with wisconsin the most critical of the three contests where romney held the victory party last night, and he will pick up the lion's share of the delegates, 80. the final numbers are tabulated but he is now well over halfway to the nomination. and he is sounding more and pore like the nominee talking less about his republican opponents and more about the president. >> the president has ledged to transform america and he spent the last years laying the foundation for a new government-centered society. i will spend the next four years rebuilding the foundation of an opportunity society led by free people and free enterprise.
5:36 am
>> if last night's results have rick santorum questioning his resolve this morning, he didn't let on. he had a rally in his home state of pennsylvania and they host a pry near in three weeks, and presidents show that santorum had the lead but there are signs it is slipping and it could be a last stand for the campaign. >> can you not have little differences between our nominee and president obama. we have to have clear contrasting colors. >> santorum said the clock starts now, and romney is not wasting were time, either, headed to pennsylvania later today, and the obama campaign, is running an ad blitz in battleground states that target romney. >> doug, thank you very much for that report. and now a small apology. one of the boards we actually showed rick santorum and it was supposed to be ron paul.
5:37 am
it is patti ann's fault. >> okay ... >> and romney's win is what charles is talking about. >> put a ton of money in santorum's home state to scare him away or to beat him but all the rhetoric, all the speeches, all your interviews are about obama today obama went after romney by name. the campaign has started on the other side of the he cannot it is back, he cannot relax, he cannot coast. he has to start the counterattack otherwise he is beginned early in the week like bob dole in 1998, and you are done. >> that was charles krauthammer on o'reilly, and the time, now, for the five at 5:30, the top
5:38 am
five stories. the man who post add chilling graphic warning of a new attack if new york city by al qaeda could be using this disturbing image as that way to recruit homegrown terrorists. terrorism experts say it is likely part of a new strategy to try to use propaganda to reach a younger audience. authorities believe the man who posted the taunt is a committed jihadist from egypt. the nypd and f.b.i. say there is no deadible threat. >> a surfer lucky to be alive after being attacked in hawaii by a 10' sergeant. he was surfing alone and said the shark took a bite out of his foot. >> i was coming from the channel, and i felt a pushing sensation and i looked to the left and i see this fin ... farce -- >> he needs 42 stitches and needs minor surgery.
5:39 am
officials believe it is a tiger shark. >> remember when president obama said this about algae. >> we can figure how to make energy out of that works we will be doing all right. levitt or not we can replace up to 17 percent of the oil we import for transportation with this fuel that we can grow right here not united states. >> well, agriculture secretary continues to stand behind algae yesterday at a conference but when asked when the cost of algae-based biofuels could rival regular gas, he could not answer and claimed it was a hypothetical question but he is standing by the algae. >> stand by your algae. >> mega millions fiasco is a mess. the woman who claimed she has a winning ticket said it is hidden at the place where she works and
5:40 am
the manager says that is impossible. and a giant home even though she claims she has the winning ticket and she said show may not we were go to the lottery commission. >> 15 minutes of fame. >> three winning tickets were told for, 366 million jackpot. >> if she don't have it, who has it? >> people like to come out and do it publicly because, you know ... >> back to the five, she is barely old enough to tie her shoes and this little girl is being called a hero, the four-year-old's family was asleep and a raging fire engulfed their home in arizona but crystal was awake and they knew to alert them before it was too late. her big sister is singing her praises. >> if it wasn't for her we would
5:41 am
not be here right now. i am grateful that she saw the fire. >> the home was completely destroy asked so was a vacant home next door but no one was hurt thanks to crystal. >> the time now is 41 minutes of at hour. coming up a t.s.a. agent loses her cool and it was so bad she is under arrest. that time of year, time for the new york international auto show and we will go there for a preview ♪ [ male announcer ] you're at the age where you don't get thrown by curveballs.
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>> and now, the secret of the winning ticket is the special sauce. the new york international auto show with everything from pop cars to super cars and mom can pop cars, and maybe our expert can tell us about what else. >> good morning, we have them all for you. how is that? let me start here at the new york auto houston livestock show and rodeoing -- showing you a car you will want to take home, the concept, acura, a sport hide -- sport hybrid all wheel drive, a hybrid, you go fast and not use a lot of gas and will be
5:46 am
built in the next few years. >> and now volkswagen, all wheel drive and it closes the gap between a car and s.u.v. look at sunroof. how come is that? for plan if they will bed it but they are talking about it. from chevrolet, a name that we all familiar with but it a all new the 10th generation impala. 2.5 liter evening in, and 33 american, and, you can get streaming internet right snowed the car on sale in the spring of 2013. and from hyundai, designed in california, the brand new santa fe redesigned, seven airbags, all wheel drive, sunroof, heated rare seats and it goes on sale if the fall of 2012 from hyundai
5:47 am
and off-road capable. just push a button. real nice. and we are in manhattan so we have to show you the new lock of the new york city taxi will look like because it is changing. and that is because of nissan coming out with the brand new can be for man haiti, $29,000, safer, more space shuttle on the inside, passengers can plug in a port, and the material on the seats is antimicrobe, good thing, and the headliner helps to absorb odor so that when you get in the can be it smells fresh and clean, shocking for a new york city can be. we will show you more from the floor of the new york city auto show. and there is a lot to look at including a car you do not just drive but you fly. i am not close to kidding. >> flying car? can't wait for that.
5:48 am
>> the time is now 48 minutes beyond the hour. if you live in a home worth less than you owe, my god, everyone if my neighborhood is, what are are you supposed to do? this go was busted breaking in. but, first, what is coming up on "fox & friends" this morning? >> a great show. i am behind the couch because i have in pants the we will have continuing coverage of the areas hit bit tornado, and south carolina governor, and, listen, two students suspended from school for protesting that their teacher were constantly absent. were that's today's show.
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>> as we span the globe, two nato soldiers killed by an explosion in afghanistan. the nationalities of the service member not released. next nato soldiers have been killed in afghanistan this year alone, and 52 are american. the last ten police and military hostages in colombia have been fred by the revolutionary armed services by colombia. they are getting off the plane after being plane to safety, held captive for 12 years. >> and japan seeing the strongest wins in more than 50 years, brought on by a power will storm. two people were killed and diss more injured, and the winds
5:53 am
forced hundreds of flight cancellations and 12,000 homes are still without power. >> lots of nasty weather all over. >> 53 members after the hour. living in a home worth less than what you owe on the mortgage? it is a problem a lot of americans are facing in the tough economy part one of the shatter dream series and now an insight to that. >> in arizona it could lock leak pair dice but homeowners here have the same issues of homeowners around the country, homes worth half the original value. recent data show that 23 percent of americans owe more on the mortgage than the home is actually worth and arizona that number is doubling with 50 percent of residents underwater on their homes. for some in this area outside of phoenix that means losing millions. >> i had numerous people that i witnessed here in this neighborhood, that lost their cash along with the house. so, it is bad enough to lose the
5:54 am
house and get that, so that is icing on the cake. >> what do do you? we spoke to a couple with a $4 million home on market for $2.4 million and another had $6 million home worth only $2 million in the country market. the luxury homeowners are doing everything from short selling, some cases they are making improve presidents to the kitchen and backyard to increase the value or renting while they wait for the market to pick up and some say they have had to foreclosure, as well, and many are hoping for the best, and everyone grows, times around here, they are bad. >> it is a matter of ride. a matter of, i paid such for it, and i don't care what the markets is. people who are in trouble, they are foolish. this is silly. >> neighbors, short selling is the only way out but realtors tell you the idea that the homes
5:55 am
will come back on and there will be less homes on the market and prices come back up and if you kept your home in the neighborhood like this hopefully your value one day will get back to where it was. >> thank you, adam. >> the time is 55 past the hour can coming up a t.s.a. agent losses her cool and now she is the one in handcuffs. and now for word of the day, all scrambled up. ♪ ♪ i can do anything ♪ i can do anything today ♪ i cano anywhere ♪ i can go anywhere today ♪ la la lla la la la [ male announcer ] dow solutions help millions of people by helping to make gluten free bread
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>> it's 58 past the hour. let's take a look now at the good, the bad and the ugly. first, the good. a group of firefighters in new mexico taking some of their mega millions winnings and giving it to a fellow fireman in need. the guys won $10,000 and are donating part of that to their colleague who is suffering from a life threatening tumor. and needs the money to help pay for surgery. check out this video. a burglar caught on tape busting into an auto dealership in california. he took out an air conditioner and then crawled through the hole? he stole two cars including a mercedes and finally, the ugly. a tsa screener at j.f.k. airport arrested after she hurled a cup of hot coffee at an american airlines pilot. she was upset after the pilot
5:59 am
told her to tone down a profanity laced conversation and another screener told the pilot to mind his own business and then she tossed her coffee at him. >> all right. time to get scrambled up. steve doocy is coming in now to help us out. >> tabooly? >> ethanol? >> nope. >> come on! >> one more -- come on. chernobyl. >> i don't know it yet. >> driving. >> automobile? >> automobile. auto show in new york. why didn't i know that? >> well, because you went to kansas university. that's why. >> which finished in the top two. how are your tigers this year? >> they did very well, steve. >> they all did great. they didn't choke in the final. >> thank you, lady. leave it there, juliet huddy, great working with you. "fox & friends" starts right now.


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